How to flag a post for deletion

I posted a question that I thought was reasonable … until I decided to try things on my end again, and everything works as expected. Now I would really like to delete what’s obviously a bad question (I would say ‘stupid question’ but someone may say there’s no such thing as a stupid question … not true in this case :confused:). When I try to delete the post I’m told I’m not authorized, that I need to “submit a flag for moderator attention together with reasoning”. I’m not seeing any means to do that, anyone care to help me out? Thanks!

It should be so simple, but I don’t appear to have the Flag option

Btw, the post I’d like to delete is at Override LESS styling in Yii2

Done. btw., you have a trash-bin icon for deletion.

Yes, but it’s when I try to use that trash-bin icon that I get the permissions error.
So what I’m seeing at this point is that I still don’t have authorization to delete my posts, and I don’t have the icon to flag a post for moderation. Is there a point when I’ll earn the credits to have those functions? Just trying to understand, and thanks for your help!!

Ah, you’re right. The forum engine is made by the same people who created StackOverflow so mechanics is somewhat similar.