How to fetch all the data through same id number

Hey all, I have tour and company table. Company can has more than one tour. I want to list all the tours that company has but I could not achieve it. I fetched only one data from database. I tried to use foreach but I got error. This is my controller:

public function actionView($id)
    $this->view->title = 'Company';
    $model = Tour::findOne(['company_id' => $id]);
    $company = Company::findOne($id);

    return $this->render('view', [
        'model' => $model,
        'company' => $company


this is the view part:

                            <td><?=  $model->id ?></a></td>
                            <td><?= $model->title ?></td>

I inserted foreach before tr tag like this: <?php foreach ($model as $model): ?>
Got this error: Trying to get property ‘id’ of non-object. After that I inserted the getCompany function like so: <?= $model->company->id ?>… Still cant list the all the tours are related to that company. How can I fix it? What am I doing wrong here?

` public function getCompany()
    return $this->hasOne(Company::className(), ['id' => 'company_id']);