How To Eparate Frontend And Backend?

Hi I’m new to Yii framework and i don’t know how to create frontend and backend in this…please anyone help me

For the frontend you can use the controllers in protected/controllers, for the backend you can use a module.

Hi Zaccaria,

I had create as you said but now my doubt is how to use separate layouts for frontend and backend ...

Hi balaji,

What is the purpose of creating layout in backend. Always we need layout only for frontend.

protected/View folder mainly used for front end page design.


chandran nepolean

Actually I wanna develop both frontend and backend so that i have to use different view.Is it possible to create…


To my knowledge backend is always database related things. Are you creating views for looking out the database data?

can you just show me your project folder structure… then i can tell you the exact way of doing…


chandran nepolean

Sorry for my less knowledge, that is admin panel

Hi balaji,

still i am not clear what is ur requirement… Please can you paste some screenshot to clarify. If that not have personal credentials.


chandran nepolean

I have to create online quiz application, for that having two sides like User end and Admin end.

from the user end students can able to write test and from admin end they have to create new Users,question like this functionality.

So that i have to use two different views(User and Admin panel). How to create different view for User view and Admin panel view

Herein i have attached folder structure


please create the two modules admin,frontend and call them different layouts

please see it

I hope it’s some help.


Now i got your requirement. Its simple


inside protected/view/user for userpanel(it contains _form,create,view,index,update for user)


inside protected/view/admin for adminpanel (it contains _form,create,view,index,update for admin)


you should have two controllers . one for admin and another for user


you should have two model files for storing admin information and user information

I hope this will helps you


chandran nepolean