How to enable Gii


I’ve seen tons of examples how to enable Gii with basic application, but how to enable it in advanced application? Googling around I’ve seen variations of things with bad results. What’s the right approach? does not provide the necessary information about it.

That provides plenty of information. What issue are you having exactly?

For starters, there’s no web.php in advanced build. Instead of web.php, advanced offers three main.php’s inside backend, frontend and common directories.

"If you check the entry script web/index.php of your application, you will find the following line, which essentially makes YII_ENV_DEV to be true." Leads to a question, which one of those.

If builds are having different filenames, it should be mentioned.

I’m getting started with the advanced template and I’d like to know how to enable and run gii to create models in “common” so they can be used in both frontend and backend.

I’m brand new to yii2.