How to do use autocomplete fields with yii

I’m trying to add autocomplete fields to yii and I’m running into some issues. First I hear that CAutoComplete should is deprecated and that CJuiAutoComplete should be used instead. I can’t find any documentation on how to use either of these with an array. Does anyone know how I can use either of these in a form with local data?

maybe you can take a look at this

Here is the link for its class reference.

Thank you for the reference, I actually had found this post but I tried using an echo to shoot out the widget and returned an error and I thought the code was wrong. My bad! I noticed in the class reference they don’t offer the combobox that is available on jquery ui.

CJuiAutoComplete encapsulates the JUI autocomplete plugin. So everything available in the jQuery UI autocomplete is available in CJuiAutoComplete. The challenging part is, how :) I’m afraid I can’t help you how to do it because I didn’t use it, but I don’t want you to lose hope too soon. ;)