How to display one widget twice on the same page

I would like to show two goofle maps in the same page…

I am using "tugmaks\GoogleMaps\Map" and when I use twice the following code it works only one.

<?= Map::widget([

	'center' => $address,

	'zoom' => 16,

	'apiKey'=> 'XXX',

    'width' => '100%',

    'height' => 400,

    'mapType' => Map::MAP_TYPE_ROADMAP,

    'markers' => [

        ['position' => $address],




Check you widget having only one id for viewing map and it is declared as constant in view . so change it into dynamic.

Use different id for each widget.

Overwrite your widget with one more parameter id and update in view also.

Thanks a lot! It works now :D