How to disalble chtml link

i want to disable chtml link with one condition…

how to disable link???

i try this with but not work

CHtml::link('Add Icon',array('/image/createIcon','idContent'=>$model->id_content, array('disable'=>true))); 

thanks in advance…


you can’t disable direct this way but use css class like below

echo CHtml::link(‘Add Icon’,array(’/image/createIcon’,‘idContent’=>$model->id_content), array(‘class’=>‘css_class_name’));

can u show me the code of css?

sorry if i ask stupid question but i’m new in programing web n yii…

You have to disable the ‘onclick’ too:

CHtml::link('Add Icon',array('/image/createIcon','idContent'=>$model->id_content, array('onclick'=>'return false;','style'=>'color:gray;'))); 

didn’t work to me…

It has a typo. Correction:

CHtml::link('Add Icon',array('/image/createIcon','idContent'=>$model->id_content), array('onclick'=>'return false;','style'=>'color:gray;')); 

If I do this:

array('onclick'=>'return false;','style'=>'color:gray;')); 

the button disables without first submitting the form.

How do you disable the button after first submitting the form?

I got it working with jquery. Is there a better way?


	echo CHtml::link($caption,'#', array(







	Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScript('submitTest', "









				return false;  // Don't submit if class is myCHtmlButtonClicked