How to disable radioList?

I have a radio list on a form and I want to disable it on updates.

<?= $form->field($model, 'format', ['template' => "{input}\n{hint}\n{error}"])->radioList(


                               ['disabled' => true]



I have tried this but the fields are allways enabled, I am using "yii\bootstrap\ActiveForm"

Try this link. May be this will help you

Thank you! I found a solution I updated to the dev-master version on the composer and now it works.

In the last stable version of yii2-bootstrap the we can’t change some properties, but in the current dev-master version everything works. I hope they release a stable version with the current code.

which link?

NOTE: The link in the original post was wrongly entered, I edited the post so the link is now active.

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