How To Disable Method In Url And Rediret To Another Line In Certain Condition

Hello yii friends

I am trying disable some specific methods when I enter to the certain condtion and redirect to required page in yii. for let us say

i have the following code:-

          if ($model->login($data)) // pass the data to login function and store in database and session


                            $role = new User();

                            $userRole = $role->GetRolesForUser(Yii::app()->user->name);  // check the roles for users.

                            $userRole_list = $userRole->GetRolesForUserResult->string;

                            if ($this->actionCheckRole($userRole_list) == TRUE)  // if role exist for user rediret to index page.


                                $session = new CHttpSession;


                                // $session['login'] = $login_result;

                                $session['sessionkey'] = $session_key;

                                $session['loggeduser'] = 1;


                                $session_key = $session['sessionkey'];

                                header('Location: ' . $setsso_url . '?sso=' . $session_key . '&return=' . Yii::app()->getBaseUrl(true) . '/site/index');





// when i enter here than i want disable some specific method and rediret to another link

                                $this->redirect(array('setting/ssopermission', 'name' => $_POST['LoginForm']['username']));



how can i achieve such condition…

thanks in advance