how to develop an yii2 official style docs?

I found that humhub and many other websites have an official style doc website like :

how to develop it? Is there any other YII2 extension for the doc site implementation or I can only copy the css and html code from the 's source code through the web browser.

Not sure about you mean with "[color=#1C2837][size=2]extension for the doc site implementation". The page in your link seems just bootstrap styles. [/size][/color]



[color=#1C2837][size=2]Btw, if you mean Yii2 api/guide docs, in the case you wish to contribute, you probably is looking for this: [/size][/color][color="#1c2837"][size=2][/size][/color]

Thanks for your reply.

Thats right, is just a bootstrap style. I only want to a extension to build up such a

backend management tool.

I will try your suggestion to use API documentation generator to see whether it is the extension I want.

Another extension

can also provide me a guide style website. Maybe this is the thing I need.