How to deploy to a shared host?

If you’ve no console access to the target production machine, because, for example, it’s a shared host, how can you deploy an Yii 2 app ?

It of course need a lot of time of

 ./yii migrate

and, in my case, a lot of RBAC updates (until I will realize a web admin for RBAC roles/permissions)

Create your app in localhost. Create database structure you need, make sql dump and use phpMyAdmin or other tool that hosting company will provide you to execute dump file and populate your online database.

Sad thing is that most shared hosts do not support Mbstring and GD.

Question: But how do I put on ‘the news’ not having git?

Since the app will become huge, do not talk to a release FTP, it would be absurdly risky.

It 's the first time I have chosen to work without git, and will be the last I swear …

I used to date a 3-step release, although ‘almost’ automatic

  • Imposed under maintenance the entire app or a single module using the configuration in production

  • Git pull

  • Any yiic migrate and / or yiic rbac

  • I disable the maintenance mode, and away we go

ok, not perfect, but working alone was more than enough.

but now, I do not know how to move …