how to define RBAC

hi everybody?

i've read the documentation and some posts in the forum about that topic but im not getting anywhere.

where do i have to define the rolles? in a model, controller, useridentity or somewhere else?

i read this http://www.yiiframew…de/topics.auth.

in which file does the following code belong?



$auth->createOperation('erstelleBeitrag','Einen Beitrag erstellen');

$auth->createOperation('leseBeitrag','Einen Beitrag lesen');


how does the db have to look like

These code belongs to your role management subsystem. If you don't have such a subsystem, you will need to execute these code offline.

The db schema file is located at: /framework/web/auth/schema.sql

thank you!

i can't find anything about a "role management subsystem" do i have to store the file somewhere in my yii application and execute it to fill the database with the informations or am i getting this wrong?

i'm sorry, i'm a complete newbie, please help me

Yii doesn’t provide you role management subsystem. If your system requires it, you have to code it yourself. ;) We will provide such a subsystem in 1.1 or 1.2 release. For now, you may refer to this post:


thank you… i'll try this.