How to define a theme for a module?

Is it possible to define a theme for a module (admin)? How can i do this?

The theme folder should be inside the module and should have layout files and view files of that module

Try out this

in your module class inside init() method define like below.There should be a themes folder inside your module folder. I checked with my admin module and worked fine.

Yii::app()->themeManager->basePath = Yii::app()->basePath . '\modules\admin\themes';

Yii::app()->theme = 'admin';

It works!!!

And since view folder should be inside \themes\admin i aded this

        $vPath = Yii::app()->themeManager->basePath."\\".Yii::app()->theme->name.'\views';


Thank you very much for your help Aruna :)

Well there is another problem here though

In modules\admin\themes\admin\views\layouts\main.php there is

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo Yii::app()->theme->baseUrl; ?>/css/main.css" />

What is doing here is trying to get the main.css file wich is located on the frontend theme folder and not the one that is inside the admin module theme folder…

Any solution here?

@razorfish, something like:

<?php echo Yii::app()->getModule('admin')->getBaseUrl(); ?>\themes\admin\css\main.css"

should work.


This may occur that you are not set the theme base path as previous post. I don`t think you need to set view paths. This is how my module class look like

class AdminModule extends CWebModule


	public function init()


		// this method is called when the module is being created

		// you may place code here to customize the module or the application

		// import the module-level models and components







            'errorHandler' => array(

            'errorAction' => '/admin/default/error'),



		Yii::app()->themeManager->basePath = Yii::app()->basePath . '\modules\admin\themes';

        Yii::app()->theme = 'admin';



		Yii::app()->user->loginUrl = Yii::app()->createUrl('admin/default/login');

		Yii::app()->homeUrl = array('default/home');

		Yii::app()->language = 'en';


	public function beforeControllerAction($controller, $action)


		if(parent::beforeControllerAction($controller, $action))


			// this method is called before any module controller action is performed

			// you may place customized code here

			return true;



			return false;




there is no function getBaseUrl() , it’s getBasePath which not works for me


The viewpath is needed becouse if I remove it, its says me that it cannot find the view. And I’ve already set the theme base path as you mention above.

I see your AdminModule file. It seems that your css files and maybe the view files are not inside the theme folder. If this is true well this is not my case and this is why the above code you mention does not work for me

Hi razorfish,

I attached the theme folder structure. This may clear out conflicts. All css and view files are reside on it, but view files relevant to models are under module/views folder.



Aruna, where is located the theme folder in the picture above? On the root folder of your app OR inside the admin module folder?

Inside modules/admin

Aruna 2 final question and I wont disturb you anymore

  1. wich url do you put on webbrowser to access admin area?

  2. if you dou right click -> view source in the index page of admin area plese copy and paste one

line that css is embended in the header section

mine is

	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/" media="screen, projection" />

which should not be that way i think

  1. http://localhost/tiki-ums/index.php/admin/default/login

  2. [html]<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/tiki-ums/protected/modules/admin/themes/admin/css/screen.css" media="screen, projection" />[/html]

Sorry bro, I missed to include one line in my module init() method in previous post. Add below line also before setting the theme name.

Yii::app()->themeManager->baseUrl = Yii::app()->baseUrl . '/protected/modules/admin/themes';

Yes!!! That was the problem :) I should have figoured it out myself though. It was not difficult.

Thank you very much 4 your help Aruna!

Great thread, solve my problems quickly.