How to deal with images?

In Yii we have assets as a helpful tool dealing with js and css files. Could or should I use them with images too? I think images are the same as other resource files: they lie in the file system, they may change from time to time and they should be cacheable as well.

Currently, I have my images in web/images (so without using assets). Not so familiar with web servers and caching in general, I guess I’ll get troubles if I have to change an image in future. I’m not sure if browsers will fetch the new images. If I would use assets I wouldn’t get problems. Is this true or wrong?

But if I see it right, the view files will be a bit more unreadable because of the url generation calls with assets (prefix with $bundle->baseUrl). Also the IDE support for the files is not available anymore.

How should I deal with images correctly? What are arguments against AssetBundle’s?