How to customize the look of CListView

I want the list of number-button to be of specific layout as my theme (in the attachment). Don’t know how to do it?

Beside setup your CListView:

$this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(


   'summaryText'=>'Page {page} of {pages}',

   'template'=>'{items} {summary} {pager}',







I believe you will need to customize your css files.

Where could I find these css files?

Hey I am very new to Yii but I bet you will get this easily with ‘Firebug’ the extension of Firefox.

But you can also check the ‘css’ folder in your path_to_yourapp\css.

I hope this has been helpful :-).

I recommend just overwriting the styles in your core site CSS with the appropriate selectors instead of hacking the jquery or Yii theme styles. The included css files are usually found here…

/css - installed with yiic webapp


The browser will use the files cached in the /assets directory so don’t edit those directly.