How to create Yii2 RBAC Gui

Hello, I am new in YII and I want to learn how to do a RBAC. I was reding the guide and all work correctly, but i amv ery confussed because I want create the permissions, users, roles and rules using GUI.

The guide documentation talk about API but I don’t know what is it and how to use.

I searched in google but I found many modules and third party libraries but I want build my own module or library to learn about RBAC in YII.

Can somebody help me? Wher can I start?

Currently I have the tables created in my databases and I understood that I can create the users an permissions using CONSOLE COMAND but but I want give to an user the capabilities to create permiisions, roels and rules using a web form. How to can get it?

OK. So you need to retrieve information about current RBAC hierarchy, display it and allow adding/editing it.

As for UI, that could be regular forms. API is a set of methods you can call to get/set RBAC data:


The methods themselves are described well in the guide: