how to create the form page for users

OK, so I have created the web app created the crud and the model everything works fine edited the _form page to my liking and everything…but now how in the world do i use that form to let users visiting my site fill it in the go to the crud page?..i mean i have the form but its the admin form in the protected views area…is there a separate area that holds the form for users?..

If I understand you correctly, you want the form to be accessible for user (not only admin), don’t you? If so, you may need to modify ‘accessRules’ method in the related controller.

just navigate your users to modelName/create and they should be presented with the _form.php view by default unless you changed it

yeah if i was to direct them to the _form page it would prompt them for the login page…i just want the form part to put in my main website and then have the back end with the admin stuff to check it and manage it.

Just like rei said, you need to modify the controller’s access rules so it won’t ask the user to logon.

If you want the action to be accessed by any users (registered or unregistered), edit your accessRules like

public function accessRules()	{

	return array(


			//these are the actions that can be accessed by ALL users


			//this is the part where you declared that ALL users can access the above actions



		/*other rules here*/