How to create simple cms web in Yii

hii, i need help to create simple CMS(Content Management System) web using Yii. eg: Manage static page, main menu, news etc.

Firstly, What kind of help do you want ? Secondly, do you want to just use this cms or sell it etc…I am asking this because there is a cms extension developed with yii. OvenCms

thanks for your fast reply, it’s about how create static page from admin panel(data is taken from the database). create menus and links that can be managed from the admin panel. for example:

in my main layout(just for example).




<div class="container">

    <div id="header">header..</div>

    <div id="left-sidebar">

        menu here..


    <div id="content">content here..</div>

    <div id="footer">footer</div>




I want all the contents can be managed(sort their position, adding new menu, etc) from admin panel. i use this cms for my self. i’ve tried Ovencms(this cms still much error), Flexica(cmsBaseController is encrypted), phundament, yiiframework-cms but still does not understand.

thank you in advance