How To Create Root Pages?

I’ve read the related topic in Yii 1.x discussions (Default Controller for root), but unfortunately the author havn’t found any solution. So I ask again.

How can I create pages: feedback.php, about.php etc in a view folder of custom controller/site controller and then access them by going to, etc without adding actions and rules for each one?

Add the last rule like:

'<page>' => 'site/page',

You’ll lose ability not to specify routes for each controller action though.

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Did I understand correctly?

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By the way. The code below use Yii 1 to specify action for rendering static pages under views/site/page folder:







How can I implement the same in Yii 2?

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Page rendering is easy:

public function actionPage($view = 'index')


  try {

    return $this->render('site/page/' . $view);

  } catch (InvalidParamException $e) {

    throw new HttpException(404);



hm…not bad! Thank you! I think this moment must be documented somewhere to prevent newbie difficulties…