How To Create Project Setup In Yii

I want to know is it possible to create exe …ie setup file of a project in yii??


Can not create an EXE. Yii Framework (PHP) is for Web App

You could write some sort of script to set things up how you like. It’s not really a Yii specific thing though.

I’ve written a Linux shell script which is stored along with the code in git. It purges the test database and recreates it with specific test data. It also clears down image directories and repopulates them with images related to the database content.

For the most part, setting up a Yii project is just a matter of copying a folder structure. Distributing the project in a zip file and simply unzipping it at the other end should do the trick. You could write a script to manage this unpacking if you really wanted something executable.

Thanks for the quick replies, I got the solution you gave , trying to implement that .

But then how to keep the folders hidden from the client so that they do not change the source codes, and also steps to deploy the application on client side and is the xampp needed on client side??