How to create one pager (parallex) website in yii.

How can we create one pager or parallex websites in yii framework ??

Any Idea about this ?

Yii prefer MVC instead of one page program, thx.

The book [Yii.Application.Development.Cookbook(2nd,2013.4)].Alexander.Makarov introduce one tip as below, please check out by yourself, thx.

Rendering content at the client side

Sometimes a website needs to be a bit more dynamic than usual and should work like

a desktop application. This is often required for complex user interfaces in cases when

response time is critical or when you want to move some load from your server to clients.

In this recipe we’ll implement a simple one page “to do” application. It will not reload the page

after adding, deleting, or completing tasks. To make it more fun, let’s communicate with the

server side via REST in pure JSON.