How to create new roles based on my own roles from DB?

So, i have been googling around some hours but i couldn’t find any useful for my problem, i need some additional roles to use with AccessControl and basic template yii2.

I want to use roles that i have saved on “roles” column from my own users database table, but all the info i found was related to advanced app and DB auth manager (i don’t want to create more tables in my db).

So tried to check where yii2 sets the guest (?) and admin (@) roles in the files and try edit something, but i couldn’t find it.

Thanks for the help


I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but if you want a ‘more advanced’ way to perform authorization in your system I recommend you to take a look at RBAC (Role Based Access Control), here is a link to the documentation:


There are some extensions that perform a basic implementation of this system and also on youtube you can find some good videos regarding this.

Some additional RBAC links: