how to create multiple login access in yii2?

I am creating a site in Yii2. I want have two login with two tables but suppose there is an Id for logged in user is 1 and same id belongs from other table for admin user than Yii takes both identity and it show two logout button one for admin user and other for normal user but it should show only one logout and Yii should keep identity for that particular controller/login. Please help what can i do.

using basic version

i think it’s a bug !

// login admin module

'user' => [

'class' => 'yii\web\User',

'identityClass' => 'app\models\User',

'enableAutoLogin' => true,


// login site   

    'marketer' => [

        'class' => 'yii\web\User',

        'identityClass' => 'app\models\Marketer',

        'enableAutoLogin' => true,

        'loginUrl' => 'test/index',

        'identityCookie' => [

            'name' => '_marketer', 

            'httpOnly' => true,



Why don’t you do it in a standard way, using only one user table and having some column to indicate the administrative authority?