How To Create Multi Steps Form In Yii?

I need registration form with multi steps like -


[*]Login Information

[*]Personal Information

[*]Security Information


Is this possible in same model with step by step form submission??

I need like this - Multi steps form

Hi Rohit

You can make it in different ways.

The most simple way is using one real submit and seperated by javascript-tabs

There is a similar example directly in yii

So, in this case you will have one submit to server

On client it seems as multi (as the example of your link)

There is another way by multi-submition but is more difficult and you can make it using only CJuiTabs

Please see this I hope it’s some help

An example using jQuery only:


But needs implementation of validation:

  • serverside after submit?

  • clientside validation?

Or with a jQuery plugin with validation:

jQuery steps

It’s really nice… thanks for this :)

Ya, but it’s in jquery… i want in yii.

thanks for this sir… will try with CJuiTabs.

I got another an extension wizard-behavior, also demo here. I need like this, its nice but too complex.

What you have to implement/solve:

If the model has a validation error you have to activate the tab where the invalid attribute is rendered.

Or is it enough to display the errorsummary and the user has to select the correct tab?

But maybe this works with clientside validation…