How to create layout that use header and footer partials

I have red the guide about views and layouts, I have googled how to to this, but I still can not make it work. Here is the problem:

I want to have 2column.php and 3column.php layouts, where both are using _header.php and _footer.php partials.

2columns.php layout example:

render _header.php

$content and some other extra code

render _footer.php

Whatever I do I can not make it work. Can someone please post me real simple example of how to achieve this ? Thanks


Do you receive any errors? …

As far as I understood it should work like in any view file.

Lets say you have your header and footer in path:



Then you can simply do:


echo $this->render('_header');

echo $content; 

echo $this->render('_footer');

And then just tell your app which layout to use.

For example in a controller:

public $layout='/main'

That should work.