How to create inline checkbox with checkboxList

I want to create this:

<label class="checkbox-inline"><input type="checkbox" value="ASD">Option 1</label>

<label class="checkbox-inline"><input type="checkbox" value="DSA">Option 2</label>

<label class="checkbox-inline"><input type="checkbox" value="REW">Option 3</label>

I can not figure out how to add class="checkbox-inline" to labels. I am reading API docs, but I have no idea what to do, docs are not helpful for me.

Can anyone explain me please ?


Now I also see that I can not insert values in database either.

This is my simplified list:

<?= $form->field($model, 'country')->checkboxList(['FR'=>'France', 'DE'=>'Germany']) ?>

I have list of countries that user need to select so I can insert them into database.

I managed to save my records to database thanks to this

But I still do not know how to make my checkboxes inline

I still can not figure out how to create inline checkbox list…

Day 3

It seems that you have to use

function ($index, $label, $name, $checked, $value)

to set the label somehow.

Whatever I tried it doesnt work… I am out of ideas.

By the way its nice talking with myself…

You should simply use :

<?= $form->field($model, 'country')->inline(true()->checkboxList(['FR'=>'France', 'DE'=>'Germany']) ?>

As explained here :

Thanks a lot, I didn’t knew that these options exists.

Do anyone know how I can mark certain checkboxes as checked when form loads? For example I want ‘FR’ to be marked as checked by default.