How to create horizontal scroll bar in Admin LTE in yii2?

I am using yii2 basic.

I have installed Admin LTE and is working.

Now I have Employee CRUD. When admin views the view of particular employee, then the details are going out of the screen horizontally i.e, there is no horizontal scrollbar to scroll the page to view the details completely.

How to accomplish this?

This is about css

How should I have horizontal scroll bar?

You are wasting our time!

Come on: do some research :)

AdminLTE is a really advanced piece of technology, so if you’re not comfortable with gettting your hands dirty and if you don’t know at least the basics of CSS/HTML, you really ought to find something a lot simpler. …

And, since we didn’t write AdminLTE, are there any reason why you would want us to support it?

Create parent div with max-width and overflow-x:auto

Umneeq, you are a patient hero!

A horizontal scroll bar is god damned evil. If you really need one, you are trying to do something evil. ;)

In which file do I need to create parent div with max-width and overflow-x:auto?

I don’t know why, but you are driving me crazy!

So, I am going to close this topic.

Nothing at all here is relevant with regards to Yii 2.