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How to create extensions?

(Pratik Karmakar) #1

I am a yii2 developer working actively in many projects.
Now, I am interested in creating extensions for yii2 so that other people can use too.

Anyone can help me to start with an example.

Let’s say: I want to create an extension for full calendar.

How to start this?

(Softark) #2

Hi Patrik,

Yeah it’s a good idea to create an extension and share it with others.

Please take a look at the following section of the guide, and you’ll get some idea what it’s like to create an Yii 2 extension. I believe that it should be enough for you to start making your own extension. And if you have any further question on the way, you can ask for help in this community.

Guide > Application Structure > Extensions

(Pratik Karmakar) #3

I used the gii.

I have generated the tmp-extensions to the runtime folder using gii and pushed the code to the github (https://github.com/karmakarpatrick/fullcalendar.git)

Then added the :slight_smile:

"type": "git", 
"url": "https://github.com/karmakarpatrick/fullcalendar.git"  


Now, when i follow the below steps, I get this error:

Please Help!!!

(Pratik Karmakar) #4

Hi Community,

Tank You!!! I did a mistake and it is resolved now.
Thank You

(jomonjohnson) #5

then last submit your extension to http://packagist.org/. It will help you to install packages in fast and reliable