How To Create Custom Design In Manage Section


I want to create a custom design in manage section i.e. want to add custom field in advance search and search option which are coming from various table. Please tell me how to solve this problem.


Nothing complex in YII framework…

Custom field in advance search (what type of custom field…if you say more …i can help you)

In view you can handle more than two models…

In controller you can get more than two models… like this



you have to modify your actionsearch method… currently it is using only local object…you have to add extra variable for other object


chandran,Please help me. My question is in table A (1st table) has a Primary Key (PK) which foreign Key(FK) of Table B (2nd table). In Table C(3rd Table) has a PK which is FK of Table B. Now in Manage section of Table A, I want to ‘Add option’ instead of ‘advanced search’, in which one field is PK of 3rd table. In manage listing section of that page one field will be PK of 3rd table.Then add,edit,view and delete all options will be show as per my custom manage list section.Please tell me how to solve this.

Wait for your answer.