how to create CMS

please give some suggestions to write a new custom CMS based on Yii framework.

A CMS is quite a large job, what kind of suggestions do you want? How to build one? What to take into consideration?

Look at the design of other CMS (especially the database layout)

Have a good way to upload resources (images, files, etc)

Make a good admin section to administer your pages

Have a good way to edit text/html (ckeditor, tinymce, wymeditor, etc.)

If you’ve never built a CMS then you could probably look at something like Wordpress to get a good idea of what it entails since it is one of the simpler CMS.

Thanks for ur valuable advice, I meant to develop a CMS from scratch what things need to configure in YII framework.

it’s about how create static page from admin panel(data is taken from the database). create menus and links that can be managed from the admin panel.

I want all the contents can be managed(sort their position, adding new menu, etc) from admin panel. i use this cms for my self. i’ve tried Ovencms(this cms still much error), Flexica(cmsBaseController is encrypted), phundament, yiiframework-cms but still does not understand.

If you are unable to learn anything from reading the source code of the existing CMSs then you will not succeed.

Developing a CMS takes a long time. ;)

May I suggest that you create a couple of Yii apps before even thinking of attempting a project like that…

Yeah, start with the basics first - follow through the blog tutorial for instance. Things start falling into place a little easier once you start writing out code that is well explained.

The Creating a database-driven hierarchical Structure combined with CMenu and superfish wiki entry may be of interest here.