How to create CMS in YII 2.0

Hello Team,

I have worked with pre built CMS till now like Joomla, Wordpress etc but, now my client wants to have a CMS with customised modules. After lot of R & D we have decided to go with YII framework. This is my project with YII. So, I need assitance from community for how to start with CMS. I have setup yii2-app-basic. Now, how should i proceed with CMS development where I have to kept admin area and where website. Please, someone let me know.

There are already some CMSs built with Yii 2.

You can freely take a look at the source code of those open-sourced projects, and you’ll know what it’s like to build a CMS with Yii 2.

But if you want to make it yourself, you should go with yii2-app-advanced, not app-basic, since advanced has frontend and backend separation out of the box.

Thanks a ton. But I am facing setting up YII advance app on my window environemnt.

Don’t forget to share your code on Github so we can contribute, love some CMS but it’s too opinionated, wouldn’t mind something built on Yii and also allows extending the CMS easily.

You can check this out: