how to create activeCheckBoxList()

Hi All,

I just wanna create checkbox list, my problem here is along with each check box i just wanna show the other details (more than one) from the db query result

<checkbox1> {dbobj->field1}{dbobj->field2}{dbobj->field3} <checkbox2> <checkbox3>

I created the data by using listData(), but its allowing me to get only one field value.

Is there any way to solve this problem?

You shoul create a custom getCustomProperty in you model dbobj

For example:

public function getCustomProperty()


  return $this->field1.' - '.$this->dbobj2;


then you use

<checkbox1> {dbobj->scustomProperty} <checkbox2> <checkbox3>

getCustomPropery becomes customProperty but you can use whatever you want.

I am sry, I didn’t get you… >:(

Suposse that you have an model called Person

Person has two attributes, let's say name, lastname.

If Person is a child of ActiveRecord, then you can access these properties in the following way:




Well, but you can't use for example

<checkbox1> {$person->name}{$person->lastname} <checkbox2> <checkbox3>

Tod that you should create a neu method in the Person class

Let's say:

public function getFullname()


  return $this->name.', '.$this->lasname;


then you can use simply

<checkbox1> {$person->fullname} <checkbox2> <checkbox3>

This is something like making a string of the result and assigning to a variable. But the answer I looking for is not this, sry.

I just wanna show the result of a findAll() , that means,

<checkbox> {first row in the result set} <checkbox2><checkbox3>

<checkbox> {second row in the result set} <checkbox2><checkbox3>

Is there anybody to help me out ?

For your problem, it is better to directly write PHP code to achieve it. There's no such support in Yii.