How To Create A Widget In Yii That Shows The Twitter Tweets In The Site

Hi guys.

I want to create a widget for my site that shows the twitter tweets in the site.

here is the link of a jquery plugin. I want to use this

If anyone have idea then plz share it.

Thanks in advance.


Have u searched similar jquery in our extenstion webpage ?

I have searched. but I want to create my own extension just like I mentioned in the link

use widget generator extension that generates basic things needed to create a widget and put your logic there

Dear Ahamed Rifaideen I have downloaded that extension and placed it in the extensions folder. and set the config file. but that is not displayed in gii module. Plz guid me on using it.


I am trying to create plugin for you

// Consumer Key



// User Access Token



I need those details… can u send me in personal message