How To Create A Sidebar Menu Like Yii2 Docs

I’m developing a backoffice for a website and I want to use a sidebar menu like the one present in Yii2 docs (, with submenus.

How can I create one? There are some bootstrap widget for it?

Its a bootstrap 3 listgroup. It can be generated using html markup. There is probably some additional css / javascript in the yii docs navigation to get the accordion kind of submenu.

If you are keen on a prebuilt function for rendering the list group, you can use the listGroup method from my extended Html helper class in yii2-helpers extension.

Thank you Kartik, but you have one widget even better. SideNav is exactly what I’m looking for.

You have an amazing set of plugins and modules for yii2. Very good job ;)

Thanks & welcome.

FYI… a demo for SideNav widget in case you need to tweak the styles and see it in action.