how to create a new yiic crud template?

I have already customized my crud templates path following this topic.

But now I want my crud command to generate a view named index.

I created the index.php file and put it in the same folder as admin.php, create.php, list.php, etc. in my template path but this view isn't generated.

So I added 'index' in the array at line 101 of CrudCommand.php making it look like this:

foreach(array('create','update','list','show','admin','index') as $action)

But no luck.

I'm pretty sure yiic is using the templates in my template path because if I change one of them and run the crud command it updates the views.

Any tips on what to do to generate the 'index' view?


Not sure what is wrong here… What you did should be correct.

I guess I had to exit the shell and enter again because I added the file and edited CrudCommand.php file while yiic shell was running.

Now it is working.  ;D