How to create a form while viewing a model?

Hi Everyone,

I know the title is bit confused. Sorry for that. Here I am explaining my situation.

I have a table called Event. Created model and generated crud operations. All good. I can create events.

When I click on list of events. I can see my events list.

When I click on a specific event id, I can see all details related to that event.

Here I got an idea. I would like to add a form with just two text fields and a submit button.

When user entered details and click submit, Details has to store in another table with that specific event id.

Could anyone please help me with this?

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You can collect this input in the same form of the event.

For collect 2 models in the same form, take a look here.

For collect a main model and many instances of a child model,take a look here.

Hi Zaccaria,

I don’t want to collect it in the same form.

I would like to collect another table fields when I view the first form.

For example: event table --> Event Model --> event view

In the event view, I can see list of my events. Say I will select one event. I will get a nice table with that specific event.

In this event view page, I would like to add one form. So I want to contribute money to that event, I will provide

remaining fields such as amount as per my requirement.

Hope you will understand my requirement.

Thank you

That’s simple.

I advice you to create the crud for the second model, that you can:

Copy from the second controller the code of create, and paste in the action view.

You have to rename somehow the variable $model for the second model and to send to the view with the first model (for the table).

Copy the code of _form for the second model in the view of the first model.

With a bit of debug you will a form under the view.

I adviced you to put in same form because is a bit strange to mix view and form: form are done for insert data, while view only for see them

Hi Zaccaria,

Thank you for your response.

I am using to solve the above issue.

As you suggested not to mix view and form.

But here I have one hurdle.

As above explained I created a Event model --> view --> all good.

Now added a dailog modal for the new table. But the new table has to store current event id.

How can I pass that information?

Could you please suggest me?

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HI Everyone,

Could you please provide your thoughts on the above issue?

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