How to create a custom application into Yii2 framework


I am new to Yii , how can we create custom application, in Yii2 framework. Please help me out. I need to create an Online Proposal Making system, there are two main entities in this system, one is Owners and second is Trade Contractors. Please guide me how can i start in right way.

Thanks in advance.



Have you coding experience already?

If no:

Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript / JQuery, PHP.

Sources are found quickly on google.

If yes:

Depending on your knowledge - read:

Yii2 Guide:

Composer Guide:

Bootstrap Guide:

Codeception Guide:

After that - start your project and you should be fine.


Yes, i am PHP developer. I have worked into, core PHP, magento, opencart, wordpress, etc.

Read the instalation manual: After it you should choose a basic template or advanced template.

In a short, basic template you use if your app it small and no have complex structure, like a institutional site, a gallery site that no have complex validation to login etc, other kind of project you should use advanced template. Read about the structure to understand about them.

Basically Yii it’s a widget/component framework.

Follow this videos to learn about Yii2.

Really Thank you much. The video tutorial really help me alot.

As i have created custom application using yii2 framework, i an having a form, i need to show that form as a preview and then save that preview as pdf file. Please help me out.

Thanks in advance.