How To Create A Active Data Provider

guys please help me with the following:

[b] $sql = "select version,file_size,svid,languages,sw_icon,name,in_sv.size,license,description,in_sv.swid,in_sv.file_name,sw_added_date,

date_format(MAX(in_sv.updated_date),’%d/%m/%Y’) as update_date from in_software_version as in_sv

inner join in_software in_s on(in_s.swid=in_sv.swid) where platform=$pid group by in_s.swid";[/b]

how can i write the above using cactivedataprovider…

using CDbCriteria

rajith can u tell me how can i use a pagination if i use the above code with create command

Just have a look at this link. You will get working code as you want.

Check this link.