How To Connect To Data Stored In .mdb

Hey everybody , thanks for reading.

I want to connect to a .mdb Microsoft Acess Database but i have no idea how to go about doing it.

If anybody has a link to a tutorial or maybe is willing to share some tips on how they did it it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advanced

Thanks for the link , i took a look at it but i am still lost like a little lamb , i canot find anywhere instructions how to install the odbc drivers on my windows xampp server.

If any body has a tutorial or a guide plz post below


I finally managed to do some progress , i was having the problem that php could not find the odbc drivers. Now i finally managed to install them in php. However when i start using gii to create a model i get the following error =>CDbConnection does not support reading schema for odbc database.

Dose this mean that yii dose not support a mdb database ? If anybody has any tips or wants to know how to install the odbc drivers for php on windows let me know .


Anybody help plz ?

since it’s not supported by yii (meaning you could not use AR), you could not use it in yii for this sense

however, you could still use via pdo or odbc

Do you have an example i can take a look at or is there a tutorial that shows how to use yii via pdo without using active roccord