How to comment out structure <?= ?>

Hi guys,

a trivial question, but all my efforts to comment out code lines like this:

<?=$form->field($model, ‘bew_id’)->textInput([‘placeholder’ => ‘Bew’]) ?> failed by using PHP and/or HTML-comments.Following trys didn’t success:


/* */

<!-- -->

Any ideas??

I think if you used

<?php echo ...  ?>

you could comment with slashes before the echo. I don’t believe you can comment out a shorthand echo tag.

I know, how to comment out php code as usual. /* <?php echp…/ will be commented out, / <?=echo $form-> …*/ will not be commented out, but:

<?=$form->field($model, 'bew_id')->textInput(['placeholder' => 'Bew']) ?>

is the shorthand of

 <?php echo $form->field($model, 'bew_id')->textInput(['placeholder' => 'Bew']) ?>

so I can comment out. Stackoverflow helped me. Bye!

Pity that PHP doesn’t recognize commenting out a shorthand echo.

I’ve often worked around it via:

<?='';// $form->.... ?>