How To Combine Html5 & Bootstrap & Giix / Gtc?


I’m trying to find my way around YII and the multitude of extensions that exist. Not knowing anything about YII until about a week ago everything is new to me and the result is that I have no idea which extensions play nicely together.

I have a requirement for an HTML5 boilerplate based frontend but I could also use all the help I can get generating the backend views given my noobness and my views require the kind of relations that Giix or Gii-Template-Collection can generate out of the box.

Could anyone please save me from wasting any more time trying extension after extension only to find out that either bootstrap isn’t templated into it (Giix) or requires yiibooster (GTC) when I’ve got yiinitializer installed instead… I’ve started from scratch 5 or 6 times already :(

Basically I’m looking to gain from someone elses experience and hopefully keep my hair a wee bit longer.

What extensions do I need to have HTML5 boilerplate, twitter bootstrap AND a crud generator that is aware of the foreign keys in my db all at the same time quickly and easily?