How To Clean Assets Folder In Dev Mode?

I’m developing a website, and I need to edit some javascript files, the problem is that yii load the files in assets folder and if I change the original the asset folder keeps the older one. To speed up developmenet I’m working directly in the js file inside the assets folder, but I think that should be a way to automatically clean the assets in every request, only for developing.

Some one have a solution for this? What is the right approach?

Delete the files in the assets folder, and it’ll recreate (republish) them on next load.

For faster development, use AppAsset like this so that it uses the files directly (instead of publishing them to the assets folder).

how do you publish your assets?

Not quite sure what you mean … Yii 2 automatically handles it for you.

Yup we don’t need to do nothing.

I meant the class that handles his assets.