How to choose the right PHP Framework?


I’m a PHP Pro, but haven’t use any PHP framework till now, so I have no clue on

how to choose a PHP framework. Do you have some tips to help me choose the/a right PHP Framework?

I want a stable and secure PHP framework for Projects with about 400 hours development time.

It should be possible to use the framework on Shared-Hosting-Webservers.

I don’t need some AJAX support (I’m using extJS).

It would be nice if the framework supports Rapid Application Development

and object-relational mapping.

Also some of the standard-functions (Authentification, form validation) would

be nice. Caching would be a usefull, but isn’t needed.

Needs for a PHP framework:

  • Shared-Hosting-Webserver-Support

  • for Projects between 200 und 400 hours work

  • Developing Modell "Rapid Application Development" supported

  • object-relational mapping supported

If possible:

  • Caching

  • Already finished Modules (e.g. Authentification, form validation, …)

  • Easy to learn

Yii is the right PHP Framework I am seeking for?



I too had this problem a year and half ago… when I had to choose a framework for all my future needs… as you can see I chosed Yii and as the saying goes… "never looked back"…

It’s difficult that you will get an objective response here (as it would be on any other framework forum)… if you post the same question on all PHP framework forums… you would get 98% always the same response - yes the X framework is just for you…

So if you want an objective answer it’s better to post that question on an general web development forum (not on specific framework forum)…

On the other side, like I had done… you can read all the frameworks features… abit of documentations… then choose from that at least 3 frameworks that you will inspect a bit more… for that 3 try the demos… try to google for that frameworks… and you will get to the framework you need…

and when you choose the framework, make a last test to be sure it’s the right one…

try to do an example project - build a new app with some functionality you will need most in your future projects… so that you get a first hand experience with the new framework… try to ask a question in the forum (to see if the framework community is active and helpful)…

At least that is what I had done at time I needed to choose :)

And now a subjective answer to your question (sorry can’t be too objective :) )


Y[/b]es it is - Yii is right for your need :D

Yii can do all you need… I haven’t used extJS but here on the forum one user is very actively using extJS and contributing some extensions to facilitate use of extJS with Yii… you can search for that on the forum and get in contact with that user… maybe he can share some experience with Yii/extJS with you…