How to choose a framework for web development?

Hello, everyone!!

I’ve heard that the Yii framework for web application development is good but I don’t have enough idea about the same.

As I’m going to build a new web application.

Can anyone help me to choose Yii framework over others?

Should I choose Yii framework or any other framework for the development?

For PHP I would choose Yii2 or Laravel.

It depends on your programming language. You can also choose full-stack MVC frameworks for other programming languages, if you like, e.g.

Python: Django, Ruby: Ruby on Rails, Node.js: Meteor.

Unique features about the Yii2 framework is certainly, that it brings a lot of things preinstalled, like Access Control Filters, Bootstrap and jQuery.

It has a very strong extention ecosystem with e.g. kartik, dosamigos, dektrium and mootensai doing a lot of great work. You can download all these things for free, just take a look at github.

The Gii CRUD code generator gets your project started pretty fast (also try the yii2-enhanced-gii extention, if you can).

I have seen all of the frameworks and tried all of them out. I have choosen the Yii2, because it IS the CS:=Computer Science, the others also the zend ISN’T really. The yii2 is the revolution not only with the PHP but also in the CS history.

Laravel and CakePHP are two other frameworks really similar to Yii2.

It really depends on you, and what you like.

So, try them out.

You are only going to receive extremely biased advice here on the Yii forum. ;)

So, make up your own mind.

Search the Interwebs for information about the "best php framework" - and keep in mind that it is highly subjective.

I know why I prefer Yii, but …

Thank you @motion_blur for your suggestion about choosing a development framework ::)


:D :D :D :D :D

@xPeng might be a rare exception who dared to try out all before choosing one.

Most of the Yii framework freaks including me (probably @jacmoe too) fell in love with it BY CHANCE. But now we are fairly confident that we were extremely lucky.

So are you. Just join us. :D

I actually actively chose Yii because I had ported Redmine from Ruby to PHP using CakePHP, but CakePHP was too slow and bloated to my liking, and thus I went shopping for something that was similar to CakePHP but leaner and meaner.

I found everything - and more! that I wanted in Yii - and the rest, as they say, is history


CakePHP is not slow and bloated anymore, but I am not sure how it compares with Yii in detail today.

It would be a solid choice, I am sure.


If you don’t like to make decisions, then choose Laravel, as that framework makes a lot of decisions up front on your behalf.

I am not saying that it’s a neccesarily a bad thing, it depends on you and how much freedom / responsibility you want to have versus ease of use.

To me, Yii strikes a perfect balance


If you want to make each and every decision yourself, you would want to use Zend Framework or Symfony Framework instead.

So many choices

And then we haven’t even mentioned micro-frameworks, like Silex, FuelPHP and the like …


The main reason why I chose CakePHP and then later Yii, is the fact that both frameworks implements their MVC framework really close to the way Ruby on Rails does it; in fact, I think they do this better than the original. :)

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Yii isn’t the best PHP framework in the recent era

You were talking to a spammer, and yes: Yii is the best PHP framework in the recent era, obviously!


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