How to check if a controller exists


Does anyone have an idea on how to check if a controller exists based on a name? I’m working on a custom Url manager and I need to check first whether a route is a controller name (ie value is “site” > points to SiteController). So I’m trying to figure out a fast way to check if there is a SiteController class. I don’t think I could use class_exists() though because the controller class probably hasn’t been loaded yet. Right now I’m using CWebApplication::createController() which may not be a good idea.


file_exists() ?

Were you able to find a solution, I am looking for the exact same thing?

Can you share your working code?

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We can do it in the following way.

function isControllerExists($id) //$id is controllerID eg)post,user




	return file_exists($controllerPath.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$i."Controller.php");//returns boolean



echo isControllerExists('user');//return 1 if there is UserController.php in controller folder.


this sounds to me that doesn’t resolve modules

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Declare the following function in Controller.php (From which all the controllers are derived).

public function isControllerExists($id)




	return file_exists($controllerPath.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$id."Controller.php");


Now anywhere in your application

You can do it.

echo $this->isControllerExists("default");

If it is a module it looks into the controller folder inside the module.Else it looks into main application controller folder.