How to change where Yii looks for Yii.php

When I first created my current project, it was with WAMP. The project looks for Yii.php and other files in that same directory the project was created out of.

I moved over to XAMPP because I got tired of WAMP’s crap. I made a straight copy of my project over to XAMPP’s htdocs folder, and got everything working.

When i tried to delete WAMP and its folders, my project threw errors, saying that it can’t find Yii.php that it was created out of in the folders I’m trying to delete.

Is there something in my project that I can change to tell the project to look to another directory for these files?

Thank you.

Your index.php refers to Yii.

It can look like this:



The above looks for Yii relative to the path for index.php and expects yii to be on the same level as the Yii application.

yiic.php and index-test.php work in a similar way.