how to change views folder structure

hi friends

how to change views folder structure like this >>>


abedi98 ( Abedi98Controller / Abedi) [size="2"]For example, these files are created [Controller & Model][/size]


   -------- [color="#8B0000"]Files in front site, like that[/color] [size="1"]( index.php , about.php , or anything for view in the site )[/size]

----- Back

   -------- [color="#8B0000"]Operational files in the site , like that[/color] [size="1"]( created.php , edit.php , message.php or anything for operation in site )[/size]

how to use this structure in views ??

Why not create a separate module for the Backend?

And you can create files under views as views/controllerID/{index.php, update.php, create.php, etc…}