How To Change Url Link For Pagination On Listview?


I want to change the default url in the pagination links on listview widget to address muliple listiviews on one page.

I thought the ‘route’ on this page might work but it does not.

I have listview configured as follows…

echo ListView::widget([

                         'dataProvider' => $questionResults,

                         'itemOptions' => ['tag' => false], //removed for sorting

                         'itemView' => '/questions/_questionlistview',

                         'pager' => [

                                    'class' => \yii\widgets\LinkPager::className(),

                                    'pagination' => [ 

                                                    'class' => \yii\data\Pagination::className(),

                                                    'route' => 'new_controller_here',




Anyone know how i can change the default controller/action of the paging links?



‘route’ => ‘new_controller_here’, // it has to be a full valid route to action (e.g. site/index)