How To Change Upload Path For Files And Image In Ycm Extenstion

i search about how to change upload path in ycm extension and i found this code

Add FileBehavior to your models if you are using file or image features. Add uploadPath and uploadUrl if you are not using the default uploads folder.

function behaviors() {

    return array(

        'file' => array(


            //'uploadPath'=>' optional path to uploads',

            //'uploadUrl'=>' optional cdn domain com/uploads/path',




i added this code to my application and change uploadpath and uploadurl to this



and he tell me to add this block but ii don’t now where add

$model = new Model;

echo $model->getFilePath(‘attribute’);

echo $model->getFileUrl(‘attribute’);

echo $model->getAbsoluteFileUrl(‘attribute’);

when i enable uploadpath and uploadurl he give me error

Property "FileBehavior.uploadPath" is not defined.

what the error??? can you help me please?