How To Change The Text Color On A Cmenu

im trying to find where is the class css that contains the color of this text…

the text if in the menu that gii generates by default on right next to the CListView… the color is blue but i would like to change it to white for my custom theme, so where can i find this and please tell me if i can set its setting just for this action

go under pathToDir/css/main.css

and look for a rule named (.portlet-title) there is color property change to what ever color you wanna change it to




   color: white; // change the old value to white



thats the div that contains the title of the menu that says ‘operations’, i want to change the one that shows the options like ‘create’,‘update’,etc…

i tried to change and add color on the classes on main.css

this time im uploading a pic of the menu i want to change, i want to change the blue text